Normal People, and the films of Lenny Abrahamson

In the latest episode of Captured on Celluloid, Adam and Andrew discuss the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Normal People, and the films of Lenny Abrahamson, who directed the show’s first six episodes.

An Academy Award nominee for Room, Abrahamson has been a familiar name in his native Ireland for a number of years, but continues to see his profile grow globally, with the sensation that is Normal People being just the latest notable entry in his career.

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Running order:

Intro – (0:25 – 01:35)

“Movie directors” working in TV – (01:36 – 14:02)

Overview of Lenny Abrahamson’s filmography – (14:03 – 25:00)

General thoughts about Abrahamson’s movies – (25:01 – 45:33)

Introduction to Normal People – (45:34 – 54:28)

Specificity vs Universal resonance – (54:29 – 71:32)

How Normal People works as an adaptation – (71:33 – 79:26)

Star-making performances – (79:27 – 84:18)

Portrayal of romance, love, an intimacy – (84:19 – 100:50)

Final thoughts – (100:51 – 106:00)

Wrap-up – (106:01 – end)

Note – Movies an TV shows discussed in this episode include (in alphabetical order): Adam & Paul, Frank, Garage, Normal People, Room, The Little Stranger, What Richard Did

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