Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and the cinema of Céline Sciamma

In the latest episode of Captured on Celluloid, Adam and Andrew are joined by Jordan Snyder to have a long-promised, extended discussion about Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

Diving deep into a film that has been one of the most celebrated and acclaimed of the past six months or so, the conversation touches on screen portrayals of romance, the filmography and style of director Céline Sciamma, the magnetic lead performances of Noémie Merlant and Adéle Haenel, and much more.

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Running order:

Intro – (0:25 – 02:27)

Why are we still talking about Portrait of a Lady on Fire? – (02:28 – 06:43)

Who is Céline Sciamma? – (06:44 – 15:30)

The incredible lead performances of Merlant and Haenel, and conveying love on screen – (15:31 – 47:13)

Standout scenes and quotes – (47:14 – 64:36)

Key themes and various endings (WITH SPOILERS) – (64:37 – 93:14)

Wrap-up – (93:15 – end)

Note – Movies discussed in this episode include (in alphabetical order): Girlhood, In the Mood for Love, Persona, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Rear Window, Tomboy, Water Lilies

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