Top 3 Jake Gyllenhaal performances

In the latest episode of Captured on Celluloid, Adam and Andrew dive into the career and movies of actor Jake Gyllenhaal, with the help of special guest Jordan Treske.

Along with exploring Gyllenhaal’s persona, and his status as a movie star, Adam, Andrew, and Jordan dive deep on their personal favorite performance and movies he’s starred in.

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Running order:

Intro – (0:25 – 2:18)

Why Jake Gyllenhaal, and what makes him interesting as a movie star? – (2:19 – 14:36)

What are Gyllenhaal’s strengths as a performer? – (14:37 – 21:10)

Honorable mentions – (21:11 – 42:01)

Prisoners – (42:02 – 55:59)

Nocturnal Animals – (56:00 – 69:14)

Wildlife – (69:15 – 80:51)

Zodiac – (80:52 – 97:01)

Nightcrawler – (97:02 – 116:00)

Enemy – (116:01 – 131:11)

What next for Gyllenhaal? – (131:12 – 137:35)

Wrap-up – (137:36 – end)

Note – Movies discussed in this episode include (in alphabetical order): Brokeback Mountain, Donnie Darko, Enemy, Nightcrawler, Nocturnal Animals, Okja, Prisoners, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Source Code, Wildlife, Zodiac

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